Cooperativism. Much more than the sum of its individual parts

The second-tier cooperative CLUN (Cooperativas Lácteas Unidas) was established in January 2017 from the integration of Feiraco, Os Irmandiños and Melisanto, with a vocation to be a benchmark in the Galician farming sector. The cooperatives that form this alliance are mainly engaged in the manufacture of feed, agricultural shop and service to its partners, as well as the collection, packaging and distribution of milk and other dairy products.

In line with the great European cooperative movements, it has three major strategic objectives that contribute to the sustainability of dairy production:


Integration of financial technical services to achieve greater efficiency in production costs. In a global context in which the dairy sector is conditioned by the extreme price volatility affecting our members due to the small size of their farms and the lack of integration in an industrial process providing a cooperative return.


Optimising the supplies in the best competitive conditions, given the direct effect that the animal feed raw materials and other supplies have on the farms’ competitiveness.


Adding volume to improve the value chain and contribute to its structuring

Rural Environment-Living Environment. For a Competitive, Innovative, Sustainable and Healthy rural environment

CLUN’s cooperative organisational model allows us to control and optimise all stages of the production process. We also have an integrated food safety and quality system, based on ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications, covering the whole chain from the production of cow’s milk at our dairy farms to the packaging and marketing of the final products.

The best milk can only come from the best dairy farms.

The milk, marketed through the brands Feiraco, Únicla and Clesa, only comes from our members’ farms, all located in Galicia. Our members are the key element in the cooperative and we offer them permanent support and advice through our specialised technical team.

The quality guarantee of our products starts even before the selection of the best raw materials. Feed at our dairy farms is also one of our main concerns. Which is why we make our own animal feed, designed to suit our cow’s feeding needs in order to produce the best milk.

Commitment. To People, Nature, Projects... Future

  • Generating value as our business is our members’ business
  • Offering them healthy products
  • Human team Strengthening equal opportunities and reconciliation
  • Strengthening win-win relationships
  • Natural environment. Minimising our environmental impact
  • Social environment. Supporting projects to improve our community
  • Promoting our language and culture

360º Quality. When the Value is in Our Products

At CLUN we seek an integral innovation model, allowing us to control and optimise all phases of the production process, from the source to the consumer; from farm to table.

A 360º quality model that allows us to include industrial innovation, at the plant, and the improvement of soil quality, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the cows’ digestive process, the search for the best nutrient profile for milk naturally and to assess the adequacy of previously formulated grass rations.

We are committed to innovative culture that encourages the generation of ideas and transformations that lead to an improvement in the operation of any area of the cooperative.

Galeguidade (100% Galician products in every sense). Galicia, Origin and Destination

CLUN is a cooperative integration project of more than 3,500 livestock farms from almost thirty Galician municipalities in the central and northern areas of our Autonomous Community, considered strategic areas in the development of the Galician dairy sector. Territorial homogenisation allows us to gain presence, business volume, unify processes and techniques, support the value chain with shared criteria in global contexts, obtain benefits for all its strata, be more competitive, effective and efficient in order to enhance the natural resources of Galicia. It has a workforce of 406 workers, direct jobs; in addition to the indirect jobs associated with its activity.