Much more than the sum of the parts

The cooperative CLUN (Cooperativas Lácteas Unidas) resulted from the merging of Feiraco, Os Irmandiños and Melisanto, their purpose being to become a leading player in the Galician agricultural and livestock sector. CLUN has 3,500 partners, who are provided with the best supplies and integral services necessary for the efficient operation of their farms. Furthermore, the activity of its dairy division is focused on the collection, packaging and distribution of milk and other dairy products, under the brand names Únicla, Clesa, Feiraco and Arquega.

CLUN, on a parallel with the most important European cooperative movements, has three main strategic objectives which contribute towards the sustainability of dairy farming:


Integration of technical and financial services to achieve increased production cost efficiency. In this global context in which the dairy sector is conditioned by the high volatility of prices that affects our partners, both because of the small size of their farms as well as the lack of integration in an industrial process that provides corporate returns.


To optimise supplies in the best competitive conditions, given the direct effect raw materials for animal feed and other supplies have on farms’ competitiveness.


CLUN, Cooperativas Lácteas Unidas, makes it possible to add volume in order to improve the value chain and contribute towards its structuring. This, in turn, is conducive to the sustainability of the primary sector.

Rural Environment-Way of Life

For a Competitive, Innovative, Sustainable and Healthy rural environment

CLUN’s cooperative organisation model allows us to control and optimise all of the stages of the production process, from dairy cow milk production to the packaging and marketing of the end products.
The best milk can only come from the best farms.

LaThe milk, commercialised via the brands Feiraco, Únicla, Clesa and Arquega, comes solely from our partners’ farms. They are the key components of the cooperative and we provide them with advice and support on a permanent basis from our specialised technical team.

The quality of our products begins even before selecting the best raw materials. Our livestock feed is also one of our main concerns, which is why we manufacture our own feed, designed in accordance with the food requirements of our cows so that they produce the best milk.

Our commitment to:


the Environment


the Future

Here at CLUN, we are guided by a sustainable management model based on a threefold commitment to:

Corporate Social Responsibility in our relationship with our interest groups: partners, employees, clients, consumers, suppliers and, by extension, the society to which we are indebted.

Innovation, applied as a method to our products and services as we aim to continuously progress.

Quality, as a brand that sets us apart, understood to be the constant quest for customer satisfaction as a result of the product’s excellence.

From an ethical perspective and in view of our commitment to the social economy, our management model is centred on three areas of sustainability, that is, economic, social and environmental. It can be summarised in the following activities:

  • Generate value for our partners through cooperative returns.
  • Search for the excellence and profitability of our farms.
  • Offer high-quality and healthy products.
  • Guarantee equal opportunities and a work-life balance.
  • Minimise our environmental impact.
  • Promote and support innovative projects to improve our community.
  • Adopt the new technologies and integral digitalisation of our processes.
  • Promote our language and culture as symbols of our identity.
  • Create competitive, sustainable and global projects which ensure our future.

Supporting both our partners’ and our employees’ families, promoting equal opportunities and facilitating a work-life balance are key to our People policy, as reflected in the Equality Plan.

CLUN’s Equality Plan is a well-structured set of measures aimed at ensuring equal treatment and opportunities between men and women in the Cooperative, as well as eliminating any possible discrimination on the basis of gender. We are an inclusive organisation and we strive to implement social actions based on respect and commitment, which cover aspects as important as professional and family support, stability and quality in the workplace or support for victims of gender-based violence. A work-life balance is also one of our main concerns, and we facilitate flexible working hours for mums and dads, financial aid for crèches, paid leave or special leave for social activities.

360º Quality

When We Are the Value

At CLUN, we endeavour to find an integral innovation model which enables us to control and optimise all the stages of the production process, from the origin to the consumer, from the farm to the table.

A 360º quality model, encompassing industrial innovation at the plant and the development of soil quality, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions deriving from the cows’ digestive processes, the search for the best nutritional profile of our milk naturally and to assess the suitability of previously formulated fodder rations.
We aim for an innovative culture which favours the promotion of ideas and transformations that facilitate progress in the operation of all of the cooperative’s areas.


Our fundamental purpose

CLUN constitutes a cooperative integration project with more than 3,500 farming partners from almost thirty Galician boroughs in the centre and the north of our Autonomous Region and Asturias, considered strategic areas in the development of the dairy sector at national level. Territorial homogenisation generates market presence, turnover, unification of processes and techniques, provides a structure for the value chain with shared criteria in global contexts, obtains profits for all of its segments and is more competitive, efficient and effective ii showcasing Galicia’s natural resources. We have more than 406 workers employed directly as well as a significant number of indirect jobs linked to the cooperative’s activity.