We are a benchmark for partner services, enabling them to achieve the highly levels of efficiency on their farms, improve the value chain and the sustainability of dairy production.

Our services division supports the efficient management of our partners’ cattle farms, both at economic and financial levels as well as by providing technical advisory services in agronomy, animal feed, veterinary services and other complementary services, such as advice, insurance, marketing of meat, fruit and vegetables and garage and machinery services.



We provide our partners with a comprehensive team of agricultural experts for advice on forage production, covering the following specialist areas:


Choice of seeds

Crop rotation

Monitoring of crop evolution

Plague and weed control

Collection and conservation techniques

We provide our livestock farming partners with a specialised team of veterinary surgeons to advise them on handling, health, genetics, farm certifications, milk quality and reproduction.

Reproductive control


Peripartum control

Rearing control

Our team of professionals plays a fundamental role in the following advisory services:

Advice and Control of Clinical and Subclinical Mastitis.

Milking guidelines and handling

Treatment and Prevention Protocols

Overhaul of milking Equipment and Cooling Tanks

Calculation of Milk Production Costs

Calculation of Forage Production Costs

Investment Feasibility Studies

Personalised Financial Advice Services

Access to Bank Agreements

Training Courses and Group Comparison

Cashflow Forecast

Here at the cooperative, we implement ongoing training activities aimed at our partners and focused on the following thematic groups:

Forage production

Milk quality

Economic management

Health defence


Subsidies and CAP

We have a large machinery pool which provides the following services:


Liming and fertilising

Application of phytosanitary products

Reaping and collecting of forage

Transportation of forage

One of the most important sections of our machinery pool is the mixer wagon service, which enables us to provide a service whereby we prepare unifeed rations daily for more than 160 partners (15,000 cows), which we manage via Gescarro, a specific programme developed by us, guaranteeing excellent management of the service we offer.

Our advice service offers everything necessary for the labour and tax management of a farm.

Tax Advice

Accounting Advice

Labour Advice

We provide our partners with a team of specialised nutritionists to advise them on animal feed, for both beef and dairy cattle.

Analysis of forage, raw materials and unifeed rations.

Rationing adapted to the handling, quality and availability of forage on the farm.

Technical Data Management and Comparisons

Batch Handling Advice

Rearing Programme

Feed programme for prepartum and postpartum cattle.

We market our partners’ horticultural production.

We offer technical and economic advice.

Training programmes aimed at our partners.

We help and advise our partners on beef marketing.

We make available to our partners a dairy cattle farm certification service, with advice on and control of the necessary documentation.