Founded in 1968 in the area of Barcala, Feiraco is a cooperative of Galician livestock farmers that has become a benchmark in the Galician dairy sector. Based in Ponte Maceira, Ames, A Coruña, it produces, collects and markets cow’s milk and its dairy products from the farms of its more than 2,100 members, who are guaranteed all the necessary services to carry out their activity.

Feiraco’s beginnings date back to 1968 when 400 dairy farmers from the Valley of Barcala, a depressed inland area of the province of A Coruña, decided to actively contribute to the economic and social development of the area. Throughout our history, over 10,000 members have been part of the Feiraco family.

Feiraco milk only comes from its members’ dairy farms, located in 18 municipalities concentrated in the area of influence of the A Coruña areas of Santiago, Ordes and Arzúa. The geographical proximity of its dairy farms facilitates the quality and traceability of its products, as well as caring for the surroundings. In addition, its dairy farms are committed to sustainable management models and food safety and innovation policies that guarantee the quality of all its products from source.


Located in the municipality of Ribadeo in the province of Lugo, Os Irmandiños was established in 1976 when a group of 70 farmers from the towns of Ribadeo, Barreiros, Trabada, Lourenzá and Foz decided to build an animal feed factory to supply their farms, mainly dairy cattle, to end their dependence on the commercial firms that covered the market at that time, with an unfavourable price for their farms. Os Irmandiños began its activity in 1978 and rapidly increased its number of members, reaching today more than 1,000 with a presence in 40 municipalities of Lugo and Asturias.

In this period of expansion, not only did the concentrate manufacturing activity grow, but many new activities and services were started to cover all the needs of its members’ farms. One of the most important services is the machinery pool, which began its journey in 1992 and gradually been implemented whilst seeking the following objectives, among others: to make available to the farms high-performance, state-of-the-art machinery, to improve the quality of the actual forage as an important asset within dairy production, to reduce costs mainly by way of freeing the holdings from the investments involved in the individual purchase of machinery, and always focused on a better quality of life making life in the rural world more attractive. Nowadays, livestock marketing, the agricultural shop or the complementary food make of Os Irmandiños a clear model of diversification in the rural environment at the service of the farmers and their farms.


Located in the A Coruña district of Melide, Melisanto was founded in 1979 by the initiative of a group of farmers from the municipalities of Melide, Santiso and Toques with the following founding objectives: to purchase products for its members’ agricultural and livestock farms, market the productions, produce compound feed for cattle and, in general, offer services to members for the overall improvement of their farms. In addition, as a complementary activity, the supply of products for human consumption was also contemplated.  This cooperative experience has now resulted in a critical mass of more than 600 members and business lines in segments such as the feed production and the marketing of milk or cattle, operating with the highest quality, safety and efficiency.