At CLUN we produce, package and market milk and dairy products exclusively from our members’ livestock farms, with Feiraco, Únicla and Clesa as benchmark brands. Thanks to the concentration and geographical proximity of our dairy farms we guarantee the quality and traceability of our products, as well as caring for our surroundings. In addition, our dairy farms are committed to sustainable management models and food safety and innovation policies that guarantee the quality of all our products from source.

The Ponte Maceira plant (Ames, A Coruña) focuses on the production of Feiraco products: milk (whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed), milk for Catering, Únicla milk (with its five references: Whole, Semi-skimmed, Skimmed, Lactose-Free Semi-Skimmed and Lactose-Free Skimmed), milkshakes, cream, drinking yoghurt that does not require refrigeration for conservation (Yogu+) and cheese.

The Clesa factory in Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra) is a benchmark in the production of yoghurt, dairy desserts and cheeses. Clesa’s current project was started in 2012, led by the Galician dairy cooperatives members of ACOLACT, Agrupación de Cooperativas Lácteas SL.


CLUN looks after its dairy farmers and offers them, through the Dairy Farm Resources Division, all the necessary products and services to develop their activity; always focused on creating value for members.

CLUN will have factories for the production of animal feed in Ribadeo, Melide and Ponte Maceira, as well as diesel pumps in Ponte Maceira and Ribadeo and agricultural shops in Melide, Ponte Maceira, Ordes, Santa Comba and Ribadeo.

In addition to assistance with livestock reproduction and food, as well as veterinary and milk-quality services, there are services for economic management, administrative management and insurance, diesel supply, fertilisers and others, as well as vegetable growing, machinery and repair shop services.


CLUN has an extensive vegetable growing section dedicated to producing and marketing seasonal vegetables.  It mainly produces different types of cabbage, like Savoy, green and pointed cabbage; leeks, butternut squash, potatoes, flat-bottomed Galician onion, green beans, tomato and Padrón green peppers.

It has a warehouse covering a total area of 2,500m2 and three indoor refrigerated rooms, with a total surface area of 250 m2. It also has an area for product handling and preparation, with specific machinery for these tasks:

  • Sorting machine to standardise the fruit
  • Cushion-type flow-pack packaging machine
  • Flow-pack packaging machine with tray
  • Packaging machine to make meshing

The CLUN Vegetable Growing Section works with the following presentation formats: bulk products, cushion-type flow-pack products, flow-pack products with tray and products packed in mesh bags.

The facilities of the Vegetable Growing Section are located at:
Polígono Industrial A Madanela
Parc. 49-50, CP 15800
Melide (A Coruña)

CLUN huerta


We have a wide range of products with high nutritional quality and which ensure our cows’ well-being and efficiency at the dairy farms.